Clan History2001~2021       

Welcome to the Chaptor1 InstaGib clan. ][c1][ was founded by DooM in late 2001. Among the original members were Ghosty, Optimal, and Dr@gonB@it. Most of the original members are still among the lists of ][c1]['s rosters and have found a permanent place in the Chaptor1 InstaGib family. A few changes with Chaptor1's captains included the arrival of LostsouL and GAB, both contributing time, patience, and the willingness to help others, building a solid foundation for the clan that everyone knows today as "][c1][", Chaptor1 InstaGib

Currently Chaptor1 is expanding as a whole with a membership of 30+ members, including expanding from TDM ladders into the CTF ladders and Unreal Tournament 2004. Every person that earns the privilege to wear the][c1][ tag has become a part of one of greatest clans amongst the "UT" gaming communities out there today. Each and every member brings there own special talents and traits, making Chaptor1 one of the most respectable clans that has endured the years time and time again. With that said, we invite everyone that visits to feel welcome on our servers, in our forums, and in our IRC channel.

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